What is PHANTOM?

PHANTOM is a blockchain protocol that will be forked from Ethereum and Centra's ERC20 Token. PHANTOM will be a community-based blockchain project that is a Proof-of-Stake consensus dessigned for a scalable solution to creating a infrastructure for smart contracts, tokens, cross boarder payments and more.


Digital Assets & Smart Contract

Smart Assets

Phantom Client

Phantom Team and community have created various wallets for different platforms.
You can download the wallets or access the web wallets below.


Digital Assets

Creating a Digital Asset running on a fast blockchain network will be seamless and easy. Giving users the tools to launch digital assets will be .

Shielded Transactions

Creating a transaction on the blockchain using GH0ST will allow users to keep the sender, receiver, and amount annonymous and enscribed in the blockchain.

Smart Contract

Design solutions based on a PHANTOM protocol by deploying smart contracts on the network for a very low fractional fee.

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